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It is through education that good workforce is trained in accordance with the needs of society, creating conditions that contribute to rapid and sustainable development of human capital, which, in the first place, significantly depends on the content of education - what and how is being taught and learned - and the right relationship between teaching and learning.

Joining the campaign, our artists shared their thoughts with us:

The People’s Artist Eldar Mansurov expressed his thoughts: “All students should pay special attention to gaining knowledge. We learn life lessons from our parents, while acquiring skills and knowledge from our teachers. When these two come together, great minds are being formed in our society.”

TV Presenter, Jeyhun Ali, said: “Education is not limited to schools. Education is a way of life. Love for learning and studying is nurtured within the family. Let us not skimp on education for our kids.”

The Honored Artist Tunzala Agayeva: “Uneducated, ignorant men have always been considered weak. These days intelligence, literacy, education stand above all other achievements.“ – she noted.