29 October 2017

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Gender based violence and discrimination constitute grave violations of human rights that not only affect the individual women concerned but also seriously harm the families, communities as well as entire societies. This global pandemic knows no racial, ethnic, religious, political, educational or any other borders. Violence against women also makes no distinction as to the age of the women and can threaten them at any point during their lifetime ranging from the practices of gender biased sex selection to inadequate access to education, limited job opportunities, child marriages, trafficking, honor killings, domestic violence, rape as well as abuse of the elderly.


United Nations Country Team in Azerbaijan/UN Gender Theme Group has been a close and long-standing partner of the Government of Azerbaijan in addressing different forms and manifestations of gender based violence and discrimination including inter alia through joint observation of the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV Campaign. UNFPA will provide overall management and coordination of the campaign in its capacity of a Chair of the UN GTG.




To organize the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence Campaign in 2017 in close cooperation and partnership with the Government of Azerbaijan and the UN Gender Theme Group. The list of the activities to be held in the framework of the campaign is as follows:

  • To organize (venue arrangement, multimedia, translation, logistics, branding) and conduct the high level opening ceremony of the Campaign on 24th of November 2017;
  • To organize one-day public talk event on the causes and consequences of the GBV on December 1st (venue, speakers, logistics, branding);
  • To design and produce the series of publications and promo materials to be distributed in the framework of the campaign:
    • leaflets on GBV prevention in Azerbaijan with the brief info on the campaign, GBV, available GBV protection mechanisms alongside a list of the contacts of the centers/NGOs that provide assistance to GBV victims
    • statistics pager about GBV in Azerbaijan for ceremony and other events
    • desk calendars
    • roll-up banners for launch ceremony, brand wall and stage branding for ceremony
    • standing foam letters for event (#16Days)
    • paper bags for distribution of the promo materials
    • stickers for cars
    • plastic badge pins for conference and another ceremony participants
    • invitation cards for conference and ceremonies
    • posters with celebrities against gender-based violence
    • flash bands (memory sticks)
    • caps, vests and other identity signs of bicycle march participants
    • digital platforms’ covers, city billboards and underground (subway) branding
  • To produce 16 video messages (1-1.5 minute) from UN agencies and partners to be graphically designed and extensively shared through social media etc.;
  • To organize distribution of the leaflets and calendars on GBV prevention at different public spaces including ASAN service venues (in Baku and regions)
  • To prepare photo, video and media coverage of the campaign including the conference.



Responsibilities of the organizer


  1. To liaise closely with the UN Gender Team Group representative as regards all aspects of the campaign;
  2. To provide full organizational and logistical support for all activities;
  3. To ensure visibility through social media networks and other means of communication;
  4. To provide UN Gender Theme Group with the narrative and financial reports including the video and photo materials covering all events held.




·         Campaign slogan developed

·         # of booklets on GBV prevention produced

·         # of desk calendars designed and produced

·         A short video messages on the campaign are produced

·         # of people are reached during the awareness raising events in public places (through distribution of publications)

·         Sport-based public action organised during campaign

·         A video/photo coverage of the campaign launch ceremony, following event and bicycle march produced

·         # of statistics pager (info graphics) for ceremony and following event designed and produced

·         roll-up banners for launch ceremony and brand wall for ceremony designed and produced

·         paper bags for distribution of the promo materials designed and produced

·         branded car stickers designed and produced

·         plastic badge pins for conference and another ceremony participants designed and produced

·         invitation cards for conference and ceremonies designed and produced

·         flash bands (memory sticks) designed and produced

·         caps, vests and flags for bicycle march participants designed and produced

·         digital platforms’ covers, city billboards and underground (subway) branding designed

·         16 posters (photo shooting and printing) for bus stops designed

·         16 short (1-1.5 minutes) video clips (with graphics) about GBV impact on UN agencies and partners daily operations


November 01 –December 10, 2017

Please refer to attached documents for detailed information about the submission process.