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On December 10, wrapping up the “16 days” campaign, organizers arranged a flash mob in one of the shopping malls of Baku to reach out to young population with message in more engaging and entertaining way. The flash mob marked the International Human Rights Day and drove attention to education problems of women and girls as a basic prerequisite to eliminate gender based violence. The tree symbolizing a woman as a stem of progress was installed at the center of shopping mall entrance hall. The paper leaves of the tree accommodated popular quotes of named persons about women’s education and role of educated woman in society. Starting the flash mob, young violin player approached the tree and began to perform amazing classical music. Meanwhile, young ladies in black and white cloaks from various points of mall started to head to the tree and picked leaves. After pause they all threw off their cloaks and appeared in various outfits, symbolizing different professions – doctor, engineer, sportsman and so on. "We've done really well in creation innovative message conveying ways. As you have seen, these young ladies read the quotes about education and transformed from “grey mass” to educated professionals. We want them all to know that education is vital for girls’ lives. I think we're going to harness that spirit of innovation and that creativity of message conveying to really make a solid contribution to process of awareness raising about gender based violence” – said Farid Babayev, Assistant Representative of UNFPA Azerbaijan CO.