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Quality sexual and reproductive health is a concept implying full provision of physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system. Being able to implement sexual and reproductive health and rights means that people have the opportunity and freedom to make own decisions about their sexual life and health, as well as reproduction.
Every person should have the right and autonomy to make his or her own choices regarding sexual and reproductive health and this is a fundamental human right. UNFPA works closely with its partners around the world, including Azerbaijan, to make the opportunities, choices and services related to sexual and reproductive health and family planning accessible to everyone including, in particular, those who are left behind.
UNFPA supports the Azerbaijani government’s efforts in capacity building of health service providers via conducting theoretical and practical training sessions on the modern methods of family planning, post abortion contraception, safe motherhood, cervical cancer screening and etc. In Azerbaijan, UNFPA is actively advocating for the endorsement of the law on reproductive health, as well as the reproductive health and family planning strategy and the national action plan on prevention of cervical cancer.
Within its humanitarian scope, UNFPA is playing a leading role in the process of integration of the MISP (Minimum Initial Service Package) component into the national emergency action plan as well as capacity development of healthcare personnel in humanitarian settings (via trainings and simulation).