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The “Active Ageing Index ‘AAI’ for Azerbaijan: A comparison with EU Countries” Report was commissioned in the framework of the joint project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and UNFPA on “Building Society for All Ages: promoting well-being of the elderly persons in Azerbaijan through active ageing”.

To support the Government to assess and measure the untapped potential of older people for active and healthy ageing at national and subnational levels, the Active Ageing Index (AAI) was developed by the international AAI expert. AAI measures the level to which older people live independent lives, participate in paid employment and social activities as well as their capacity to age actively.

Analytical report developed conceptualizing an index to measure active ageing in the context of Azerbaijan and presenting a comparison of key findings with other EU countries. Report provides a wider and more comprehensive view of the activity and engagement of older people. Using the same definitions, the Report reviews the relative position of Azerbaijan in comparison to the EU countries, by analyzing the overall AAI and its domain-specific indexes.