Youth in Action for Better Future

24 February 2017
Youth in Action for Better Future

With the support of the United Nations Population Fund, the National Assembly of the Youth Organizations and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan continue implementing the "Youth for a Better Future" campaign.

The main goal of this campaign is to raise youth’s awareness and understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, enlighten young people though trainings, encourage their active engagement in various social activities and programs, with the ultimate purpose of increasing their role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The campaign combines three out of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals - Quality Education, Gender Equality, Good Health and Well-Being - addressing issues like employment, shortcomings in education and low awareness of health matters, in order to empower youth to become active social agents and help them create a better future for themselves.

In this regard, a survey was conducted in the framework of “Youth for a Better Future” campaign. More than 300 young people participated in this survey, including members, employees and leaders of youth organizations. In addition, 2-day trainings were organized in cities like Lankaran, Shaki, Quba and Ganca.

Currently, the campaign is actively underway with the aim of raising awareness among young people and representatives of youth organizations. Statistical data, mostly in infographic form, is being published and spread on social networks.

It’s important to note that two PSA video clips were prepared in the framework of this campaign. The first video addresses the issue of quality education. It stresses the significance of education in the society and how important quality education is for children.

It is through education that good workforce is trained in accordance with the needs of society, creating conditions that contribute to rapid and sustainable development of human capital, which, in the first place, significantly depends on the content of education - what and how is being taught and learned - and the right relationship between teaching and learning.

Joining the campaign, our artists shared their thoughts with us:

The People’s Artist Eldar Mansurov expressed his thoughts: “All students should pay special attention to gaining knowledge. We learn life lessons from our parents, while acquiring skills and knowledge from our teachers. When these two come together, great minds are being formed in our society.”

TV Presenter, Jeyhun Ali, said: “Education is not limited to schools. Education is a way of life. Love for learning and studying is nurtured within the family. Let us not skimp on education for our kids.”

The Honored Artist Tunzala Agayeva: “Uneducated, ignorant men have always been considered weak. These days intelligence, literacy, education stand above all other achievements.“ – she noted.

Let's give our children quality education for a better future! To watch the video clip, follow this link:

The second video-clip focuses on one of the most important issues in our society – gender equality. Currently, on a global scale, gender inequality restricts the development of millions of people. But in the last hundred years countries in the world have made great strides towards solving gender related problems. One of the main goals of the Sustainable Development Agenda is to put an end to discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Farida Azizova, a member of the Azerbaijani national Taekwondo team said: "Gender inequality is one of the main problems of our society. This is also manifested in families. Girls in families face more constraints and restrictions. I experienced this same problem. The decision to get involved with martial arts exposed my family to societal pressure as well. But it was a great opportunity for me; through sport I've gained so many things. As I was becoming more and more successful, the societal pressure decreased."

For a healthier and more sustainable future let’s put an end to gender-based discrimination! You can follow this link to watch the video clip:

The world leaders adopted the Global Agenda at the UN HQ, combining 17 sustainable development goals and covering a period of 2016-2030. After more than two-year-long consultation process, carried out with the direct participation of civil society, countries agreed to put an end to poverty and through sustainable development promote global wellbeing by year 2030.